A Homeowner’s Plumbing Responsibilities – Part 2

3 Tips to Help You Manage Plumbing Repairs in Your Home

Today, as we promised, we are continuing the topic about plumbing repairs and tips on how to avoid them. We have already spoken about leaks and drain unclogging. Read on and learn more about what you can do, in order to avoid repairing your plumbing system.

  • Expert plumbing services provided professionally.Tip 1 – Remember to keep your toilet clean. The only thing that can flush down your toilet is toilet paper. Other items like scrub pads, cotton swabs, and diapers can lead to a serious clog. If a toilet clog occurs, do not flush and risk overflow. A toilet plunger might help, but we advise you not to gamble with your home, and book an expert plumbing service.
  • Tip 2 – Schedule drain checks. A monthly or quarterly application of a drain enzyme treatment, available from your plumber, can actually eat yucky deposits from the inside of your drains, and is an easy DIY fix.
  • Tip 3 – Find a licensed local plumbing service provider you can rely on, even if you do not have a problem. Do not wait until the last minute, when you have an issue, to search for one. Request an annual plumbing check up. An expert plumber can check all plastic fittings on the dishwasher and ice maker, as well as inspect the laundry machine hoses for wear. Be sure to point out to him all slow moving drains that need attention.

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